Logo – my first programming language

in the midst of writing a (next-to-meaningless) term paper and my mind drifted off (not surprising) and the word “Logo” came to mind.
gotten this off wikipedia:

Logo is a computer programming language used for functional programming. It is an easier to read adaptation and dialect of the Lisp language; some have called it “Lisp without the parentheses.” It was created for educational use, more so for constructivist teaching, by Daniel G. Bobrow, Wally Feurzeig and Seymour Papert. Today, it is known mainly for its “turtle graphics”, but it also has significant facilities for handling lists, files, I/O, and recursion. Logo can be used to teach most computer science concepts, as UC Berkeley Lecturer Brian Harvey does in his “Computer Science Logo Style” trilogy.

here’s a sample of logo’s code.
to get a copy of the berkeley’s logo, visit Brian Harvey’s home page or George Mills’ MSWLogo page.