Podcast Generator

i think this could be the solution if you have a webspace but how to ‘stock’ your podcasts and generate the feeds for subscription? need to try it myself, in the meantime:

Podcast Generator is a free PHP script released under GPL that lets users upload media files via a web form and automatically create rss 2.0 w3c-compliant podcast feeds. It also features a web administration and a dynamic web page displaying new podcasts.

Demo at ICET 2006

Hi folks, thanks for coming to our corner for the demo-cum-hands-on. The software and hardware which we have used for the demo is:
Voice recording device:
1. Creative MuVo mp3 player
Voice editing software (FREE open-source):
1. Audacity
and you may to download the Lame mp3 decoder to convert audio files to mp3 format
Platform (FREE 500MB space)
1. podOmatic.com
Our demo podcast channels (find your first podcast here if you have tried hands-on):
1. ICET2006Demo1
2. ICET2006Demo2
In summary, you need these to start podcast/audioblogging:
1. a voice recording device
2. an online storage space/platform
Enjoy !

Free podcast hosting service

wenmin juz came over and introduced me to this cool site, podOmatic, where you can create an account, upload and host voice files/podcasts for FREE.
juz created an account and took a look at some stats:
Storage and bandwidth
Bandwidth Quota: You have used 0 Bytes of 15 GB bandwidth allowed for the month
Reset Date: Your bandwidth quota will reset to zero on Fri Sep 15 20:39:10 PDT 2006.
Storage Quota: You are using 5.8 KB of 500 MB storage allowed.
500MB should allow a teacher/student to upload quite a number of voice recordings 🙂
check it out 🙂

HBR IdeaCast

Harvard Business School is introudcing the above free biweekly podcast featuring breakthrough management ideas and commentary from the editors and authors of Harvard Business School Publishing. To date, three episodes were posted. Click here for access or to start listening 🙂