designing ICT-integrated lessons with TPACK

thanks to colleagues at CPDD, our article written for CL teachers, by CL teachers is now published (:


the Chinese title reads 《基于TPACK的华文资讯科技教学设计思路》. in essence, the short article promotes the idea of considering TPACK when designing ICT-integrated CL lessons. teachers may adopt any starting point in their design, whether it’s content, pedagogy, or technology. suggestions are given in the article so that TPACK, which is essential for the design to facilitate learning in students, is considered. teachers would also be constructing their own TPACK during this design process. the pdf can be downloaded from the local mirror:

陈育焕、张永慧 (2015). 基于TPACK的华文资讯科技教学设计思路。华文老师,59, 32-36.

it is also appropriate for us to express our thanks to Si Hui for her invaluable comments to our draft here. the acknowledgement wordings (本文承蒙林思慧老师(目前为西澳大学博士生)为初稿提出宝贵的批评与建议,谨此特致谢忱。) were removed when the article was published.

and last but not least, here’s the high-res translated TPACK in Chinese 中文/华文 diagram for download, in case any fellow CL teachers would like to use it in their work, there’s no need to recreate the wheel (:

150322-TPACK translated to Chinese

thanks to for making the original diagram for free distribution (:

cnki 中国知网 searchable

was trying out NIE’s trial subscription to CNKI, and was plesantly surprised that my Fudan ma thesis 新加坡中学生的认识论信念华文学习信念探究 (An exploratory study of the epistemological beliefs and language learning beliefs of Singapore school Chinese Language students) is listed (: must thank my supervisor 张豫峰老师 for putting up the nomination.

direct URL:

above-level testing

in the oct 11 issue of ideas published by AST, dr. soh kc 苏启祯博士 wrote on a phenomena commonly described by students by word-of-mouth. the following quotes from pg 4 would give you an idea what above-level testing is:

“Our teachers said they marked our Sec Three papers using Sec Four standards.”
“Our Sec Four friends told us that they had the same tests.”
“Our teachers want us to know what Sec Four standards are.”
“Our teachers want our parents to motivate us because we must get ready for Sec Four.

i particularly like the Chinese proverb found in the ending para on pg 7:

“We learn that those who are too eager to get something done only make it worse and fail to achieve the expected results.”

正是“欲速则不达”。成语有的就是正常的 (:
(image acknowledgement: ast)

Two new books published for teachers!

(cross posting my 3-mths old post in The ICT Connection Happenings blog, which is opened to ‘members’ only)

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It’s been 1 year since the launch of The ICT Connection portal. Part of our objectives is to deepen the common understanding of the multifaceted concepts of mp3. In-line with this objective, we have worked over the past many months with the NIE professors. And today, we are pleased to share with you that two new books are now available for download through this portal.


The first book is titled “Self-Directed Learning with ICT: Theory, Practice and Assessment (By Tan Seng Chee et al.)


And the second book is “Advancing Collaborative Learning with ICT: Conception, Cases and Design (By Chai Ching Sing et al.)

With these two newly written books, one touching on SDL, and the other on CoL, we hope educators in schools will benefit from reading them as much as we do. Enjoy! (:

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LK has also a post on the two books here (:

NIE research brief series

just received 2 pieces of the above from my boss, and one of them touched on mp3 (: went hunting for the softcopy, and it’s not too difficult to find, but not immediately visible on the home page itself.

it is still a pre-web2.0 page, if only the webmaster can add in a RSS feed, else who has the time to return everyday to monitor new updates :O