microsoft hup office 2020

it’s been almost a year since we last heard abt microsoft hup, or home user program in full. indeed, HUP is one of the main reasons how visitors from singapore landed in this storeroom (:

an email received this morning definitely sounds like good news for all MOE icon users who are almost certainly microsoft office 365 users:

email dated 18 Oct 2019 8:14AM

akan datang … but definitely good news for many, if not all (:

//update details’ out; check out email dated Oct 21, 9:02AM for the instructions to obtaining the free copies of Office 365 apps.

microsoft hup office 2019

microsoft home user program (HUP) is back! received this in my inbox today: 

while this HUP is not giving away office for free, S$19 for the full suite of the latest Office 2019 is definitely a bargain not to be missed. all and emails should be eligible. test your email account today here


migrating to Huawei phone

it’s an anxious business when one needs to change a phone, especially when one has not used that particular brand before. if you are reading this, probably you are also about to, or deciding if you should get a Huawei 华为 phone too? migration to and from samsung phones’ seamless with its dedicated apps. but googling around doesnt reveal if Huawei offers similar solution. only some PAID 3rd party solutions turned up in the searches.

went ahead with the migration (from an ASUS), and was pleasantly surprised (though not totally unexpected) that Huawei prompts us to install its own Phone Clone app from Play Store on the old phone! installed and the syncing was a breeze.

one thing though, am unsure why Contacts are blanked out in the app (which means the app is capable of doing it, but probably blocked by some security settings in the old phone). so had to use my favourite SA Contacts app as an additional step. backup and export to Google Drive from the old phone, followed by import from Google Drive on the new phone.

done. nice (:

screen capture and annotation software

have been relying on FastStone Capture 5.3 for many years but it started having compatible issues from windows 7 onwards. when it completely failed, have switched to using windows’ built-in snipping tool for a while. but the annotation part is troublesome.

found a great alternative this morning: greenshot.

it has all the functions of FastStone Capture, including upload to Dropbox support. and best part, it’s free, but we could always support the developer with a dollar or two if we like/can (:


google classroom is now free

…actually now is somewhat backdated, cos google has since made classroom freely available to all, from Apr 26, 2017 onwards, as noted in this blog post (:

in other words, anyone with a personal google account can use the system to start managing learning (cf. LMS). school teachers are however encouraged to use Classroom by enrolling the school in the G Suite for Education. this would allow your to more conveniently manage your classes of students.

btw, thanks to PS for first highlighting this news to us. enjoy (: