A video for EDU6013 class

received this video from classmate 顾正萍who has spent much time (“Thank You谢谢!”) in putting this nice little video together. the photos were taken on Nov 29 at a lunch get-together in celebration for our beloved teacher’s birthday.

we had our last lesson today in an atypical setting (this setting is never possible (as of today) given the fixtures of the classrooms here in fudan) and it was after a lunch treat from our beloved teacher (“Thank You谢谢!”). will be back to post more photos of the day when they are shared 🙂

Have you internet-searched for your own name lately?

have not been following up with Pew/Internet‘s excellent series of research lately until i saw this in /. today that reminds me of its existence.

this issue entitled “Digital Footprints” released on 16 Dec 07 looks into how people looked at personal identities in the internet, and how development of Web 2.0 has changed pple’s perception of things. believe this 50-pages report would be insightful, will find time to look at it after i have completed the killing examinable assignments *arghh*

check it out 😉

Discourse Grammar of Mandarin Chinese Assignment 汉语篇章语法作业

finally got this completed. the topic i have chosen this time round is
《探寻篇章语法给华文教学的一些启示–从”我们中国人老早就认识’康乃馨’牛奶水”谈起》 (adobe acrobat 7.0 or higher needed to view. update your copy here)
a BiG “THANK YOU” goes to all my students (and their friends too) who have helped to provide the data for analysis.
on to my next examinable assignment … … *life of a student*

My Examinable Assignments Log:
1. 《窥探中外语言教学对学习动机的尝试与研究》
2. 《探寻篇章语法给华文教学的一些启示–从”我们中国人老早就认识’康乃馨’牛奶水”谈起》
3. akang datang