nibc 2005, flashback

was clearing some printed archives and found these two pieces of newspaper cuttings on National Interschool Blogging Championship 2005. forgot to note down the date, but based on analysis of the writing, these two articles should be published somewhere during the May 22-27 week of 2005.

141127-2005 nibc_st

141127-2005 nibc_zaobao

141127-2005 nibc_certificate

#iwonder if the impact on student participants’ learning experience back then has any residual effect till this day? 😛

Second life is getting a second life

just chanced upon this 4-mths old article by Owen Thomas, it appears that Second Life is ending it’s ‘original life’ in the business world:

We were primarily interested in Second Life as a business/commerce/finance phenomenon, covering it like we would any small but fast-growing economy in the real world. The bureau is now closed. Essentially the story we were there to cover has moved on. — Adam Pasick, as cited by Thomas

in short, SL didnt make MONEY as originally planned. so it’s getting a second life by “pitching itself as an online schoolhouse.”
good news for those of us in teaching isn’t it? (:

Microsoft 2007 — blogging from

microsoft is building direct blogging from word feature into its next release of office. read this post for an introduction to the software by Joe Friend, a lead program manager. and if you are interested, can also checkout slashdot for the comments left by the folks.