ICT in Education Seminar 华文教育科技研讨会

1. 《有声博客与口语训练》分享会简报 (powerpoint版pdf版)
2. 论文:Audioblogging: Supporting the Learning of Oral Communication Skills in Chinese Language
华文教育科技研讨会2007假新加坡女子学校Singapore Chinese Girls’ School SCGS举行,2007年5月29-30日

Sharing at Nanyang Girls’ High School

this is the set of slides for the presentation at NYGH 2 days ago. the quake at taiwan has really crippled internet access in asia pacific for the past 2 days, still experiencing lag this moment 😐
if you would like to find out more about the studies mentioned in the presentation, grab it here:
1. Chua, G.K. (2006). Pupil eportfolio (a literature review)
2. Chua, G.K., & Tan, Y.H. (2006). Building a group blog for learning.
3. Tan, Y.H., Ow, E.G.J., & Ho, P.Y.J. (2005). Weblogs in education (a literature review)
4. Tan, Y.H., Teo, E.H., Aw, W.L., & Lim, W.Y. (2005). Portfolio building in Chinese language learning using blogs.
5. Tan, Y.H., Ow, E.G.J., & Tan, S.C. (2006). Audioblogging: Supporting the Learning of Oral Communication Skills in Chinese Language.
oh, and i realised my (possibly last) contribution to the lit review series is up, get it if you want to learn about what’s the difference between audioblogging and podcasting 🙂
6. Tan, Y.H., & Mong, K.T. (2006). Audioblogging and podcasting in education.

Presentation at APERA Conference 2006

As mentioned during the presentation, our slides for “Building a group blog for learning” can be downloaded here.
And Eddy and Shuhua have agreed to share their slides too:
Chong, E. From blogging to self-regulated learning in music [Paper] [Slides]
Sim, S.H. Blogging as a tool for learning communicative writing in Chinese (partial contents)
Thank you for attending our sharing at APERA and do feel free to get in touch if we may share more of our experience with you, cheers 🙂
[updated: 05 Dec 06]; read on for details of symposium

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