learning analytics

saw this post by dr ashley tan on learning analytics. while looking at the infographic, i’m just thinking perhaps the day when learning analytics can be realised could be the day that learning for the sake of exams can (finally) be replaced with learning for the love of learning. and when that day comes, some teachers may sweat and feel helpless, cos one may not know how to teach not for the sake of exams while at the same time, teach with the support of machines (generalised to include both hardware n software)  :O

source acknowledgement: OpenColleges, via another dot in the blogosphere

deADlicious, another service entering history

saw this piece of news in a tweet, del.icio.us, a social bookmarking site will be closed down. most likely not profit/revenue generating for yahoo? 😛

edudemic.com has provided 5 alternatives in their posting for exploration while saying bye-bye to my acct. i wonder how many of our teachers have been using this service *hmm*

[acknowledgment of graphics source: http://edudemic.com/2010/12/delciious-bye-bye/]

MS Mouse Mischief

learnt about this tool developed by microsoft via tucksoon’s post (:

it’s probably a cheap way (relative to some other classroom interaction setup) to engage students in individual or group responses in the classroom. it however doesnt work on my work laptop (*duh*) cos you’ll need minimally XP SP3 (ours’ SP2) and the no. of mouses supported will increase from 5 to 20-25 with Vista/Win7. you’ll need office2007 n above installed too (cost is probably not the major concern here, familiarisation with the new ribbon style probably is).

you can also tap (and contribute later) on the communities’ expertise and resources if you’re keen to explore mouse mischief. templates created and shared by the community goes here, and the developer’s blog has a continual string of tips as well (: