DF and CL Writing Workshop 网上论坛与写作教学

1. 网上论坛与写作教学 ppt(打开文件时选择”Read Only”即可)
2. 文件包 zip (6个文件,包括:评分标准、引导型提示、论坛简章)
MSN Groups 论坛创建指南
0. http://CultureBridge.SG
1. http://www.wikisandbox.com/
2. http://www.wetpaint.com/
3. http://docs.google.com
4. http://flickr.com
1. Blogger.com HOWTO V3.1.1 博客/网记创建手册 3.1.1版
预祝老师们教学愉快!谢谢 🙂

yet another Culture Talk 2007 update

online registration for participants for Culture Talk 2007 just closed 15mins ago. we have a total of 5288 accounts registered. subtracting some no. of admin and teachers accts, we should have at least 5200 students with us in the forum!
《文化,开讲!》in a way “forces” these 5000 over students to read, think and express themselves (type) in Chinese. not sure if this impact is big or small, but it’s at least something i have done for the students and aid them in their learning of CL and culture.
still got many things to do, it’s only the first week, the first discussion sub-theme is now in hot debate. will post more updates as things go 🙂