sentence … phrase … word

was browsing the book that i’ve gotten recently, and saw the above/below:

this is one of the making thinking visible strategies to facilitate deeper thinking. shall save it for our future meeting that requires participants’ pre-reading (:

呈现 or 呈献?

当我们写道:“我们请一组(学生)来 呈 xian4”,我们其实指的是“我们请一组(学生)来作报告”;英文作”Let’s invite a group (of students) to present (their work)”。那当我们想使用呈xian4时,应该是“呈现”还是“呈献”呢?


(鸣谢:北京:商务印书馆; acknowledgement: Beijing: The Commercial Press)


until then (:

packing vs thesis writing

收拾装箱和论文写作的共同点就是两者都会到达饱和点,就再也不能继续下去了 :O
packing and thesis writing are the same in that both can reach a point of saturation where you just have to stop :O

shot on Oct 16, 2017