looking for a firewall software or antivirus software?

if you are hunting for a firewall software and you’ll like something that’s FREE (and good of coz), get ZoneAlarm Free.

Welcome to the intersection of ZoneAlarm® ingenuity and philosophy. Since day one we have been giving away our award shattering firewall for free. Why we do this is simple – we fundamentally believe everyone has the right to experience the Internet in safety. Please enjoy, with our compliments.

and btw if you are looking for FREE antivirus software (and good one of coz), get AVG Anti-virus Free Edition. i have been using it for 3 years and it has helped me grab many viruses on the run. especially useful when your friends plugged in their usb/thumb/flash drives into your pc/laptop. and the best thing is, AVG uses relatively less system resources compared to some other BIG names which you may be familiar with 😉