We came to setup this storeroom in Oct 2004, as part of our exploration to use blogs in our Chinese Language (CL) classrooms. We were the first CL teachers to use blogs to allow our students to create and maintain their individual reading portfolio (contains reflections mostly, e.g. 斯惠’s). And our effort was recognised by the HPINIT and the inaugural HPINIT2 awards. There’s a brief mention in the papers on 9th Nov and 17th Nov 2004.

You’ll be able to find in the earlier postings very much related to edublogs (blogs in the classroom). Many years down the road, as other ICT tools appeared, blog became part of the larger web2.0 tools family. And so it’s reflected in the postings you can find in this storeroom. It’s not as closely related to edublogs as the website name may suggest, but the original spirit of having a storeroom in cyberspace to store and share some of our readings and occasional reflections remains.

Thank you for visiting and hope you’ll find the content, past, present & future, useful (:

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