4th Edublog Workshop (@10th TecXplorers Gathering)

Yesterday’s workshop went well, thanks to all the support rendered by fellow colleagues, and also not to forget the teachers participants. Have yet to look through the feedback forms, but do hope that teachers have some useful takeaways on this first morning of the one week break.
Thanks for all the time taken to fill up the yellow activity sheet. Will be posting the findings to this blog after collation. As promised, the URLs to the slide and handouts:
1. Presetation slides by Edublog.NET (ppt)
2. Blogger.com HOWTO (zip)
3. Bloglines.com HOWTO (zip)
4. SingTel Moblog.com Intro and Guide (pdf)
If you would like to setup your home computer systems with the free built-in WinXP Chinese Language Input Method Editor, you may grab the user guide here.
In the meantime, if you would like to seek support in implementation of blogs in your classroom or your school, feel free to drop us an email at hpinit2@edublog.net