RSS Templates for TypePad Pro/MovableType

Am slow in finding this, but this post in Michael Hanscom’s eclecticism has listed 3 very useful addition to the MT collection templates.
Templates are for generating RSS feeds that gives:
1. Enhanced Feed: Full posts with comments
2. Short Feed: Excerpts Only
3. Comments only feed
Have archived the codes here for future reference.

9th Edublog Workshop for Voila! Schools

Wow! This afternoon at Ai Tong School, we have a lab full of excited students led by their teachers. This is the first edublog workshop where teachers and students are blogging happily away together. Everyone had created a blog, and they were given a demo on how to upload pictures using Hello! and how to create a group blog.
If only we have more time, I would have been able to show them how to use the MS Image Resizer Powertoy to reduce BIG picture files into _small_ files that would be perfect for their blogs.
The slides used for the day is here.

More on colors – 4096 Color Wheel 2.1

The previous post gives you the theory, this website gives you immediate visual. Try moving the mouse over the color wheel and see the hexadecimal representation change. The colors are given web-safe, web-smart, unsafe classification. ANd there are keyboard shortcuts to change the hue (use the j,k,l keys)
The author has kindly allowed the codes to be freely used. I have kept an archive here for future reference.