Presentation at APERA Conference 2006

As mentioned during the presentation, our slides for “Building a group blog for learning” can be downloaded here.
And Eddy and Shuhua have agreed to share their slides too:
Chong, E. From blogging to self-regulated learning in music [Paper] [Slides]
Sim, S.H. Blogging as a tool for learning communicative writing in Chinese (partial contents)
Thank you for attending our sharing at APERA and do feel free to get in touch if we may share more of our experience with you, cheers 🙂
[updated: 05 Dec 06]; read on for details of symposium

Symposium: Fostering blogging communities for learning: case studies
Paper 1: Building a group blog for learning (Dr Chua Guat Kheng and Mr Tan Yuh Huann)
Paper 2: From blogging to self-regulated learning in music (Dr Eddy Chong)
Paper 3: ?? — ????????? ‘Blogging as a tool for learning communicative writing in Chinese’ (Ms Sim Seok Hwa)
General Introduction
Edublogs�blogs in educational settings�have increasingly gained a foothold in educational institutions across many countries. This is in part due to its inherent appeal to our �information-age� students who enjoy Internet connectivity and interactivity. In fact, the growth of online school participation involving various ICT-enabled forms of communication and collaboration has been described by one educator�Jim Hirsch�as �explosive� (Hirsch, 2005), and he is not alone in calling for educators to adopt these learning tools that are more in line with the learning preferences of the modern digital-age students. In Singapore, following the mandate from the then Prime Minister Mr Goh Chok Tong that �[o]ur schools must use more IT in teaching and learning�(Goh, 1996), the Ministry of Education (Singapore) launched a masterplan for the use of IT in schools with the key objective of using IT �to help equip our young with learning skills, creative thinking skills and communication skills� (Ministry of Education 1997). Subsequently, Masterplan II for IT in Education (Ministry of Education, 2002) was developed to further leverage technology to enhance teaching and learning.
Recognising the pedagogical potential of blogging within this educational context and landscape, this symposium brings together three papers on the use of edublogging in Singapore.
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