Sharing at Nanyang Girls’ High School

this is the set of slides for the presentation at NYGH 2 days ago. the quake at taiwan has really crippled internet access in asia pacific for the past 2 days, still experiencing lag this moment 😐
if you would like to find out more about the studies mentioned in the presentation, grab it here:
1. Chua, G.K. (2006). Pupil eportfolio (a literature review)
2. Chua, G.K., & Tan, Y.H. (2006). Building a group blog for learning.
3. Tan, Y.H., Ow, E.G.J., & Ho, P.Y.J. (2005). Weblogs in education (a literature review)
4. Tan, Y.H., Teo, E.H., Aw, W.L., & Lim, W.Y. (2005). Portfolio building in Chinese language learning using blogs.
5. Tan, Y.H., Ow, E.G.J., & Tan, S.C. (2006). Audioblogging: Supporting the Learning of Oral Communication Skills in Chinese Language.
oh, and i realised my (possibly last) contribution to the lit review series is up, get it if you want to learn about what’s the difference between audioblogging and podcasting 🙂
6. Tan, Y.H., & Mong, K.T. (2006). Audioblogging and podcasting in education.

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