Sharing at ICET2006

It’s just two days, and I’m doing another sharing on our AECT paper, today to a different audience at the ICET 2006 Conference at the Singapore Expo. Here’s the slides that I have used in the presentation. The file size is quite small: only 4,658,208 bytes :O
Hope you have found this presentation useful. Do get in touch with me if you are interested to try out audioblogging/podcasting for your language classrooms, Chinese language especially (not sure how many CL teachers are with me today though), and we can exchange ideas 🙂 My email address is at yh2 /dot/ com [at] gmail /dot/ com. (replace /dot/ with . and [at] with @)
It will be great if you can leave a comment and tell me about how you felt about the sharing. We will be releasing a literature review on audioblogging and podcasting soon. You can leave your email address when providing your comments so that I can keep you posted of the availability of the reference document 🙂
Cheers 🙂

Visit by DDMers

this afternoon 16 fellow teachers visited etd to find out more about r&d. hereis a list of documents which may be useful. so if you are here, do grab them if you like 🙂
1. HOWTO – creation of a blog on is really a breeze, 3 steps, 5 minutes and your blog will be up. this is a step-by-step guide that will lead you through the setting up.
2. HOWTO – bloglines is an online RSS reader. the reader would be useful if you need to monitor updates in a class of 40, and you have 3 classes.
3. WinXP Chinese Input Method Editor (IME) 3.0 HOWTO – students will be able to setup CL input at home by following the steps described; pass it to CL teachers for distribution.
4. last but not least, join us at and network with us.
look forward to see you in the next TecXplorers gathering 🙂


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