MS Image Resizer Powertoy

Download this powertoy to very quickly resize pictures taken with your digital cameras. You can select multiple files (by using combination of [shift], [ctrl] keys and left click) and do a right-click to resize your images all at one go.
Very simple, very fast, no need for photoshop or any other imaging software anymore. The pictures are automatically optimised for screen/web quality (good small files for web).
Grab it today!

Pros and Cons of Video Games

Found this list that is good for consideration when we are looking at (video) games for education:

The Pros:
– highly motivating, it’s fun (fun is very important – we don’t underestimate it!)
– encourages risk taking and trial and error
– self-paced
– young-age friendly…young kids can begin to work with complex situations or ideas
– encourages analysis and looking for mistakes
– can incorporate or train different learning strategies- though at present visual-heavy (pictures, images, text)
– can hint without telling
– can be very patient
– solve by ideas, not strength or size (great for young gifted kids or 2E’s)
– encourages perspective changing
– encourages some problem solving (though not as much as we’d like for K-12)
– allows incremental learning, close monitoring of improvement or training
– allows precisely targeted sensory / perceptual learning (auditory / visual processing)
The Cons:
– it’s not real- may impact on how the information is generalized, taken seriously
– the process is immersive and usually fairly fast-paced (may not be as conducive to reflection compared to other learning formats such as reading)
– doesn’t encourage as much critique about the information as maybe reading original documents, magazine, or book…after all, it’s just a game
– game play doesn’t directly examine reality
– players are directed to the programmer’s teaching points or conclusions- whereas direct inspection of real experiments or phenomena may provide more individual learning points or conclusions.
– the games could be administered poorly…teacher leaves students to computer terminals, student doesn’t learn anything, copies from neighbor, etc. (this can happen in labs too, of course)
– games are interactive, but not as interactive as conversation with a smart and perceptive teacher (remember the Turing test?)…some programs are completed by kids clicking a lot or cheating
– not hands-on learning (click or toggle rather than working with original materials)…miss making projects by hands, spatial learning and modeling

[source: Eide Neurolearning Blog]

Happy Birthday to all Homo sapiens

今天是大年初七,是华人传统中的”人日”,即所有人的生日。原来,正月初一鸡日、初二犬日、初三猪日 、初四羊日 、初五牛日 、初六马日、初七人日!今天妈妈照样煮了潮州人的七样羹,即七种蔬菜合一的一道菜,所用的菜类有白萝卜、芥蓝、菜心、大芥菜、春菜、大蒜和芹菜。
《初七七样羹 越吃越青春》

CNY 2005 – 新年大团拜

今天是大年初四(乙酉年),家里头来了三组学生来拜年,分别来自我教过的班级,即2003年毕业的4E2,2004年毕业的4E1,和在籍的4E2华文班。很高兴大家都兴致勃勃地到来,希望所有人都开心而归。遗憾的是人多了未能逐一地问候。听学生说毕业了彼此都没有碰面了,新年到此聚首,方有机会见到彼此,都算是有缘人吧!来点一点有谁到了(职业病) …
以下是一些照片,供回忆吧! 🙂