3rd Edublog Workshop – Collated Inputs and Feedback

We have finally collated the inputs from teachers who have attended our workshop at Nan Chiau last week. Download it here.
The report is available in 2 flavours, one in standard word format while the other is in graphical mindmap format.
Please feel free to distribute and share the findings with your fellow colleagues 🙂
Hope to hear from you soon on your plans for implementation! Cheers!

Random Daily Writing Prompts Generator

Some of us may want to employ blogs for our students to practise their writing skills and we may want them to write on some topics of their choice or related to their interest.
It is not unusual for some students to come back to us saying that they do not know what to write about. Well, to get them going, we can ask them to visit website(s) that provides random writing prompts on a daily basis. This gives them both the ‘choice’ as well as something to start with. So, try it if you think it’s useful 🙂
An example: Writing Fix