3rd Edublog Workshop

This afternoon at Nan Chiau High Sch Computer Lab 4, we have a group of 21 enthusiastic teachers with us to learn more about blogs. During the 2.5 hours (1430-1700) session, we have had an overview of edublogs, bloglines, as well as a quick discussion on how they believe blogs can be integrated into their teaching and learning.
Here are some photos of the day:

The results from the activity sheet will be collated and posted shortly for all to share. In the meantime, happy planning and exploring of blogs in your classroom!
As mentioned, these documents are available for download:
1. Presentation slides (ppt)
2. Blogger.com step-by-step howto (zip)
3. Bloglines.com ste-by-step howto (zip)
4. Windows IME 3.0 CL input step-by-step guide (for CL teachers who would like to print the guide for students for their installation at home)