Some ways to use RSS for educators

Found this article entitled “RSS – The Next Killer Apps for Education” exploring the possible application of RSS in education. Going through the examples, these are the possiblities mentioned:
1. Creating/maintainng a blog for lesson resources, RSS used to notify fellow colleagues of updates
2. Self development, updating oneself of Science news through a RSS feed subscription
3. Monitoring updates of multiple sites at once, example of superintendent overseeing happenings in 49 schools through their updating of news in respective web sites
4. Networking with peers with the same interest, example of researcher ‘finding’ each other through one blogging and the other subscribing to the RSS feeds.
A teacher will be able to adapt these suggestions into use for our classroom setting. Idea 1 and 2 can be used stright away. Idea 3 can be adapted for use to monitor a class of 40 students instead. Idea 4 can be used to build Community of Practice among peers in same/different schools.
[source: Bee – coming a Webhead]