above-level testing

in the oct 11 issue of ideas published by AST, dr. soh kc 苏启祯博士 wrote on a phenomena commonly described by students by word-of-mouth. the following quotes from pg 4 would give you an idea what above-level testing is:

“Our teachers said they marked our Sec Three papers using Sec Four standards.”
“Our Sec Four friends told us that they had the same tests.”
“Our teachers want us to know what Sec Four standards are.”
“Our teachers want our parents to motivate us because we must get ready for Sec Four.

i particularly like the Chinese proverb found in the ending para on pg 7:

“We learn that those who are too eager to get something done only make it worse and fail to achieve the expected results.”

正是“欲速则不达”。成语有的就是正常的 (:
(image acknowledgement: ast)

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