Two new books published for teachers!

(cross posting my 3-mths old post in The ICT Connection Happenings blog, which is opened to ‘members’ only)

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It’s been 1 year since the launch of The ICT Connection portal. Part of our objectives is to deepen the common understanding of the multifaceted concepts of mp3. In-line with this objective, we have worked over the past many months with the NIE professors. And today, we are pleased to share with you that two new books are now available for download through this portal.


The first book is titled “Self-Directed Learning with ICT: Theory, Practice and Assessment (By Tan Seng Chee et al.)


And the second book is “Advancing Collaborative Learning with ICT: Conception, Cases and Design (By Chai Ching Sing et al.)

With these two newly written books, one touching on SDL, and the other on CoL, we hope educators in schools will benefit from reading them as much as we do. Enjoy! (:

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LK has also a post on the two books here (:

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