Essays the Gathering

today marks the last day of my first semester in fudan and this is my final installment for the series of (feels like never-ending) examinable essays:

(in English): A sociolinguistics study of youths and Chinese language in Singapore
This paper presents a sociolinguistics study conducted with 56 youths who have studied Chinese Language (CL) during their secondary/junior college days in Singapore and have since left and ‘graduated’ from the CL classroom. Two primary research questions drove this study:
1. Is there any change in the youths’ proficiency level of CL after leaving the CL classroom?
2. How are the youths using CL after graduating from secondary schools/junior colleges?
Three secondary research questions were explored to provide input to the two pri qns.
Data collection was conducted through the administering of an online survey.
Keywords: singapore, chinese language, education, survey, youth, sociolinguistics

A BIG THANK YOU to all my students and friends and students’ friends who have contributed by completing the online survey, without which this study would not have been possible. And since it’s still 大年十一of the Chinese New Year, may I wish one and all “新年快乐,万事如意!学/事业进步,阖府安泰!”
And here’s it, may I present … (the free Acrobat Reader is needed to view the reports)
Essays the Gathering Release Y1S1
1. 《窥探中外语言教学对学习动机的尝试与研究》
2. 《探寻篇章语法给华文教学的一些启示–从”我们中国人老早就认识’康乃馨’牛奶水”谈起》
3. 《语法与作文教学实践探索–以三维语法为线索》
4. 《探索交互白板于汉字教学的应用》
5. 《新加坡华文华语与青年的调查》
6. and FOUR other essays (for record purpose; meaningless ones meant for self-consumption)
and here we go again … semester 2 here i/we come … “Live Long & Prosper”

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