IWB and Chinese characters recognition

alas, this is the 2nd last installament of my (feels like neverending) series of examinable assignments this semester.
it’s entitled 探索交互白板于汉字教学的应用, and the english title would read “Exploring the Use of Interactive Whiteboard for Teaching and Learning of Chinese Characters
and to make this assignment INTERESTING, i have also put together a video demonstration on how the IWB lessons can be carried out. the voice/volume of the recording’s not too good coz my TC1100’s mic is really that lousy. choose among [Online viewing of streamed video] or [download to desktop for offline viewing, abt 20MB]

one last one to go … and there’s only less than 4 days to go … add oil add oil …
keywords: 识字,教学,交互白板,信息科技

My Examinable Assignments Log:
1. 《窥探中外语言教学对学习动机的尝试与研究》
2. 《探寻篇章语法给华文教学的一些启示–从”我们中国人老早就认识’康乃馨’牛奶水”谈起》
3. 《语法与作文教学实践探索–以三维语法为线索》
4. 《探索交互白板于汉字教学的应用》
5. akang datang

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