Reasons an innovation drive might fail

  • failure to distinguish between “getting it” and “getting it done”
  • paying lip service
  • lack of ownership or responsibility
  • lack of relevant metrics
  • fear of failure/risk/ambiguity
  • success (you think you know what your’re doing)
  • perception of innovation as cost vs. investment
  • not being ambitious enough
  • ineffective or incomplete transformation process
  • lack of true support from the top
  • lack of true engagement from rank and file
  • lack of perceived urgency
  • failure to appreciate the time and resources required
  • bureaucracy
  • denial: “we like it the way we have it … let’s just wait and watch … I can understand this without experiencing it … it’s just a Silicon Valley thing, it doesn’t apply here … I’m going to retire soon, don’t have to worry about this stuff…”

— adapted from john kao’s innovation manifesto / perspectives