Educational techology has proven effective

countless funds had been pumped into ICT in education, one question asked is always “is if effective? how and why? eSN mentioned that “Technology in Schools: What the Research Says” report has just been released, and there’s good news within 🙂 read more to find out, and i believe the report can be downloaded here.

20 statements of innovation

replace ~ with “innovation”

  1. ~ requires a rationale
  2. to become real, ~ needs a vocabulary and conceptual framework
  3. ~ is intimately linked to other organisational agendas
  4. ~ requires an organisational system for its expression
  5. ~ and strategy must be closely linked
  6. ~ is an expression of organisational culture
  7. ~ efforts are made visible by appropriate communications
  8. ~ is connected to how you treat your people
  9. ~ can build on pre-existing processes
  10. ~ requires appropriate transformation processes
  11. ~ is enabled by pluralism
  12. ~ is the result of a vibrant ecosystem
  13. ideation instigates ~
  14. ~ thrives on design
  15. ~ needs a place of its own
  16. ~technology enables ~
  17. experience design motivates ~
  18. the practice of ~ involves a disciplined and pragmatic application of new tools
  19. leadership is a decisive factor
  20. ~ requires a comprehensive approach

— adapted from john kao’s innovation manifesto