Second Language Teaching Methods

Compiled by Jill Kerper Mora (Ed.D.) of San Diego State University, this list serves as a quick overview of existing L2 teaching methods:
The Grammar-Translation Approach
The Direct Approach
Reading Approach
Audiolingual Method
Community Language Learning (Curran, Charles A. Counseling-Learning in Second Languages. Apple River, Illinois: Apple River Press, 1976.)
The Silent Way (Caleb Gattegno, Teaching Foreign Languages in Schools: The Silent Way. New York City: Educational Solutions, 1972.)
Communicative Approach–Functional-Notional (Finocchiaro, M. & Brumfit, C. (1983). The Functional-Notional Approach. New York, NY: Oxford University Press.)
Total Physical Response (James J. Asher, Learning Another Language Through Actions. San Jose, California: AccuPrint, 1979.)