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after this long while, it’s back to what i started doing 2 years ago, back to blogs for chinese language teaching and learning, here are some blogs by chinese (language) teachers 🙂
?Run Deep?
?Innova Student Circle?
?Black & White?
there are definitely more cl teachers’ blogs out there, let me have the links if you can 🙂 ?????????

Georgia school displays iPod ingenuity

Though campuses across the nation have begun transforming iPods into educational tools, few schools have embraced the technology as much as Georgia College & State University, where faculty are using the devices for everything from screening movies to podcasting answers to frequently asked questions.

Some lines from the article as well:

  • “The more you free up your classroom for discussion, the more efficient you are,” said Dorothy Leland, the school’s president.
  • “Now I can devote my whole three hours to Socratic dialogue.”
  • GCSU officials say the school makes sure its iPod lessons supplement classroom work–not replace it.
  • “[You] think it will never get the same sense of community living together, but we definitely found that sense of belonging”

Check out the full article on eSN online.

Panelists: Blogs are changing education

At a ceremony to honor excellence in education blogging yesterday, winners of the first-ever eSchool News “Best of the Education Blog” Awards talked about the significance of blogging in education during a panel discussion. All agreed: The impact that blogging is having on teaching and learning is profound.

Some of the quotes which I find useful/interesting as I scan the report:

  • “Kids are getting excited and engaged in literacy through blogging, commenting, and sharing ideas”
  • There is an excitement that comes from writing for a real, authentic audience instead of a circular file seen only by the teacher
  • Our students are tech-savvy, and we need to make sure we take advantage of this
  • today’s digital tools make blogging extremely easy, especially when compared with the effort it used to take to upload files online via the File Transfer Protocol or build a web page using Hypertext Markup Language
  • Sharing ideas with the world today is “so easy,” Fryer said. “Now, it doesn’t take anything but a web browser to engage in these conversations.
  • You shouldn’t ban the use of an instructional tool such as blogs, simply because it might be dangerous if misused; instead, you should teach students about the proper–and safe–use of the tool and then enforce the rules.

The full article goes here.
[source: eSN online]