National Interschool Blogging Championship – Briefing Session

Wow! Excellent attendance today at the briefing session, teachers filled up most of the chairs setup in the Meeting room at Level 5 of SG Post Office Centre.
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Details such as objectives, timelines, rules, prizes were shared. The judging criteria brought about most questions from the teachers. One of most discussed was that of “No. of Unique visits”. All the concerns are valid and we’ll have to bring offline to look into, especially some concerns server setup.
Looks like we’ll have a tough competition ahead, but happy blogging nevertheless. Hope more teachers will be aware of blogging and its potential with/after this championship. *yup*
The standard FAQs are located here.
Registration can be done via fax or online! (online is always preferred 😉 Deadline is on 28th Apr (Thu)
Oh btw, the next highlight will be the Lanuch of the event, which will be on 20th May (Fri). Do check back for more updates 🙂