Completed! 6th Edublog Workshop

Yeh! Another round of blogvangelism completed yesterday. Thanks once again to all cikgus for taking time off to join us in the workshop. Thanks also to Cikgu Naim, Master Teacher (ML) for cluster E3 to render support and to give the welcome address to the N4 teachers.
As promised, pls find the softcopy of the douments below:
1. Presentation Slide
2. MSN Spaces HOWTO ver 1.5 (Compressed EXE, 4.0MB)
3. Bloglines HOWTO ver 1.0 (zip)
4. HOWOTO ver 1.0 (zip)
Check out the ‘in the midst’ posting for the comments to the workshop. Truly, thanks for the encouragement 🙂
Here are some pictures taken during the workshop, see if you can spot yourself in there. Cheers!