Teachers see iPods as educational tool

Yet another article on iPods, from The Seattle Times.
Teachers in this article are using the portable players to “make podcasts, practice their vocabulary words, English as a Second Language students are using them to practice English, getting the best possible sound quality from the youngsters, which sometimes meant doing it over and over.”
In addition, busy parents too are capitalising on the technology to “keep in touch with the world their children inhabit all day at school” by programming their computers “to capture the broadcasts”.

Teacher stimulates learning with Web logs

This article off neighbornewspapers.com writes about how a teacher gives her student a voice through blogging.
Loved the ending paragraph:

“She responds beautifully to teacher needs and student needs,” Ms. Hooper said. “She has the heart of a teacher.”

makes me wonder if we were slow in responding to our students’ needs at times *hmm*