2nd reflection on 12470-00004 facilitation

this week marks the 6th week into our course. next Wed (15/7), we’re meeting up for our last f2f discourse. 好事多磨, the final lesson originally planned for 14/7 crashes with at least 4 participants who are also oral examiners performing their last day of duty for the GCE O-level exams. as such we’ve agreed to shift the date to 15/7, and hopefully more teachers can turn up.

taking a glance at the discussion forum, we are seeing record-low number of participation in the online discussion in the 帖子B posting. only 3 out of 6 expected posts came in. why did this happen? perhaps i wasn’t clear enough in the explanations of the requirements, as such teachers do not know what to do? possible, but i did not receive any clarification email/fb pm/sms/whatsapp, which i should if any of the SDLearner needs help. or, perhaps the course ‘cut across’ june holidays, and other plans take priority? or, any other reason(s)? perhaps my participant friends could let me know 😉

after our 2nd f2f, to date, only 1 帖子C posting came in before school reopens. this morning we see another posting sharing some good work carried out since school reopens for term 3 🙂 so once again, why is the qty so low? it will be interesting to hear the reason(s) too.

a tally of weekly reflection pieces, 4 contributions by 2 participants (out of max. 6 pax). yes, it’s definitely on the low side too. perhaps like what Sean twice mentioned “you made a great assumption that your learners are all highly motivated.” 🙂 yes, i do take that as a basic assumption as i believe that a teacher is a daily role model to our students. if we want our students to love learning, we have to embrace learning ourselves. students don’t just learn the ‘contents’ that we gonna push to them (assuming pushing = learning). there’s more to learning a subject per se 🙂

while planning next week’s meet up, i am toying with an idea of setting aside 15 mins for some personal quiet moment to do a consolidation of the past 6-7 weeks’ experience. will not reveal the title, if there’s one, for now (:

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  1. 你的reflection其实也是我的。让我尝试回答你心中的疑问。


    1. 感谢老葉的捧场 **呵呵**


      – 不可以排除这种可能性。但是否还有其他原因?我相信应该还有 (:


      – 哈哈,学习不能强求啦。或许我没有让他们尝到“成功的滋味”? 😛


      – 【LIKE】一个 😉

    2. 老叶 讲得真好!虽然我总是在后面“观课”默不作声,但从我的“记录”里面可以看到你是成长最快的“学生”,屡出金句(比如说“成功的滋味”等),而这个“你觉得一件事总是成功无望,那是你在给后人种树”让我非常的感动。

      我也有同样的困惑。这个混成式工作坊设计的理念后面,要求一个高的“自觉度”和“积极度”,才能有所谓分享、争辩、讨论的存在。如果老师们都不愿意参与,每一次满怀期待地登陆过后看到星散的留言,实在很令人觉得不舒服。你说的对,其中一个最有效的学习方式,就是“参与”。但是如果同侪们都不“参与”,学习还有意义吗?不“参与”,老师们就没有想过自己的不“贡献”会害得其他同学们无法学习吗?我曾经思索过这个问题而不得其解。追根究底这是一个group dynamics & group climate的问题。

      今天看到你在这儿的留言,突然觉得这个设计或许存在“局限”,但却无阻于部分老师的学习,像你一样。我们想要改变的是mind set,而从你的“金句”当中,让我看到了一点曙光。反思也是学习的一种,你的反思也让我学习到了。课程快要结束了,你可以很有信心地说,你“学习到了”吗?希望能听见令人振奋的答案。

  2. “参与”这词真好!

    我不由想到- learning is embodiment (体验、实践、体行).

    其实我们都在不同程度上参与,可能是lurker, 可能是积极发言参与者,可能是课堂上思考的一员。


    “你觉得一件事总是成功无望,那是你在给后人种树” – 用葉的话和大家共勉! :)

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