classroom of the (near) future?

“She is one of 650 students who receive an Apple Inc laptop each day”
“compete for high scores by completing mathematical equations”
“It has no textbooks”
” ‘The dog ate my homework’ is no excuse here”
” ‘Why would we ever buy a book when we can buy a computer? Textbooks are often obsolete before they are even printed’ ”
“Computers track a range of aptitude levels, allowing teachers to tailor their teaching to their students’ weakest areas”
” ‘Our projections show that 50 percent of high school courses will be taught online by 2019. It’s about one percent right now.’ ”
“Horn expects demand for teachers to fall and virtual schools to boost achievement in a U.S. education system…”
” ‘You deliver education at lower cost, … a teacher can spend with each student because they are no longer delivering one-size-fits-all lesson plans’ ”

exciting development i would say but ‘demand for teachers’ doesnt sound too good though i dont really agree with that 😛 how will the school (in today’s definition) become and what would be the teachers working more on, assuming the subject matters can all be first taught by software?
check out the full article “Technology reshapes America’s classrooms“.

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