on internet safety

it’s been eons since i last posted anything and the examinable essays are running behind me ……. *SCREAM*
ok 言归正传 , saw an article by Christopher D Sessums entitled “Internet Safety Discussion and Resources” and the topic would definitely be something of interest if i were back in school now (此 school 非彼 school). some words that came as a form of reminders: “online predators”, “parental supervision”, “youth victimization”, “cyberbullying”, and there’s a link to a presentation on safety entitled “5 Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Kids Do“. interesting title? but Christ reassured readers that it’s a presentation on safety, but the download’s very slow at my end, only clocking abt 3000bytes per second? reminds me of downloads off my good old 56kbps dial-up.

what a great disappointment – shanghai urban planning exhibition

yesterday yh2 and yh juniors and yh’s grandma went to visit the ‘national AAAA sight seeing’ venue, makes pple reflect (if pple bother to) if the grading means anything at all. reflects real badly on the country itself (i think it’s not just shanghai’s reputation that’s at stake here). MOST if not all the interactive displays were OUT OF ORDER. cant say how disappointed yh juniors are during the visit (and grandma’s impression as a visitor).
so if you are reading this post and making some plans to tour shanghai in the near future (cant say for sure how LONG they will take to fix it, if anyone bothers to fix anything since they let it deteriorate in the first place), go there if you are really bored with nowhere to go and too much cash to spare.

Why are the Chinese so ‘fierce’? 中国人怎么叫人时那么‘凶’?

this is my first impression of the chinese local when i came upon this land some 8 months ago. this is so because back in singapore, we would address each other by (first) names only but here in china, friends would call out to each other names in full (last+first names). to a singaporean chinese, if someone were to call you that way, it’s probably something bad that you have done 😛
have not had the time to dig out the reason behind this observation and a chance arises when we were required to do a mini assignment for the cultural linguistics module. hence i used the chance to dig out some materials from the internet to get some preliminary observations. here’s the report (written in Chinese) that i handed up 2+ weeks ago.
if you are a 新加坡华人reading this post, it may interest you, though be minded that the findings are very preliminary, and further research using sociolinguistics methods with large samples is needed to uncover more about the phenomenon.