on internet safety

it’s been eons since i last posted anything and the examinable essays are running behind me ……. *SCREAM*
ok 言归正传 , saw an article by Christopher D Sessums entitled “Internet Safety Discussion and Resources” and the topic would definitely be something of interest if i were back in school now (此 school 非彼 school). some words that came as a form of reminders: “online predators”, “parental supervision”, “youth victimization”, “cyberbullying”, and there’s a link to a presentation on safety entitled “5 Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Kids Do“. interesting title? but Christ reassured readers that it’s a presentation on safety, but the download’s very slow at my end, only clocking abt 3000bytes per second? reminds me of downloads off my good old 56kbps dial-up.

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