Sharing at AECT Research Symposia

juz completed my sharing at the aect research symposium, had a total of 8 pple in the room and we had some good discussions. just to re-capture some of the things discussed while memory’s still fresh. “control” was brought up by elizabeth, on the empowerment of students with control with the use of blogs, there may be teachers who arent comfortable with this way of working. she brought up an interesting metaphor stating that one day, teaching may just “hook on” to the tails of any form of technology and taps on the potentials/affordances. looking at blogging as a phenomenon as a whole, edublogging could be just that. given that students are already actively blogging, bringing blogging into the classroom is hooking on and riding on the tail; jim observed the possibilities of allowing soldiers in training to blog/podcast, and making it as a channel for soliders in different countries to exchange and learn abt the differences in their culture. susan shared abt marie clay’s book (an australian) on literacy and control of language which i shall hunt down to read. another though-provoking book which susan shared was vandijk’s “the deepening divide”.
my heartfelt gratitude goes to all who were in the room. as i mentioned at the beginning, ??????, thank you one and all for the ideas put forward. the slide that i have used goes here.

here’s the paper (:

EdSuccess – a superintendent’s blog

it’s been eons since any example of blogs related to education has been shared. was reading Anne D.’s blog and noted that she has found a very impressive blog maintained by a superintendent Dr. Joni Samples of Glenn County in California. Anne has highlighted some interesting posts from the blog and you can never guess how Dr. Joni embarked on blogging. read and find out, enjoy 🙂

The $100 Laptop

have been hearing about the MIT $100 laptop for some time but have not set time to search more info for it and here it comes into my feeds :O
Check out the details at Howstuffworks 🙂