KBSI 2016 paper

today is the first day of the Knowledge Building Summer Institute (KBSI 2016). had the chance to have some conversation with the KB community as we presented our paper “Teachers’ understanding of knowledge creation: A phenomenography of Singapore Chinese Language teachers“. the paper can be found in the local mirror:


won’t be able to make it for tmr as i’ll be facilitating the 2nd f2f session of Clinic 12470. day 3 morning, should be joining the folks at a school visit to teck whye sec.

ict lesson, a problematic conception

“ict lesson”, or “ICT教学”,这样的一个名词, such a conception, is problematic.

if we have “ICT教学”,与之相对的是什么?“非ICT教学”?

如果ICT的使用可以随时”开”或”关”, 这或许就是为什么学校里还存在one-off设计ICT活动的现象了。

“ICT教学”, and “ict lesson”这个名词应该去除。停止使用,不再使用

理由很简单,21世纪的生活已脱离不开科技。要预备学生在未来的生活中不断自主学习,运用ICT学习的习惯和技能必须养成(这其实连带学生“如何学”的问题 (cf.教师如何教))。习惯的养成不是一朝一夕的事;技能更是多样,更需要长时间指导磨练。


clock time photo

acknowledgement: Alexas Fotos