On educational gaming

Have neglected this storeroom and my choked up bloglines feeds for quite some time. Came upon two posts by Christopher D. Sessums@eduspaces.net. One post was him brainstorming on possible exams questions for his summer “Introduction to Ed Tech Course” (with many excellently practical questions), qn 10 was on “Serious Gaming” which used Neuromatrix, a new educational video game designed to teach neuroscience to 9-15 children. In his other post on a brief look of video/computer games, there’s a comprehensive review of Dodlinger’s (2007) literature review on elements that promoted learning.
As a gamer myself for over 15 years (until recent shifting of priorities to work n family), I would definitely love to engage students in games and learning CL as they play the games. Have not seen ed. games like Neuromatrix in Chinese yet. When will such games materialise, next 10 yrs perhaps? And in the meantime, any chance of learning CL while engaging in non-CL games? *hmm*

Klik & Play – create your own games

Klik and Play is an object oriented programming environment, free for use in school activities. Simple games can be easily created by absolute beginners. With more experience and by devoting some time to studying the manual, quite elaborate shoot-the-badguys or destroy-the-aliens type of games can be created. [extracted from Introduction@Klik & Play Home.
The developer’s home page (Clickteam) goes here, and for comprehensive user guides, visit the Klik & Play Home.
Download your own copy and create some interactive games today 🙂