a mysterious package

last friday a parcel arrvied, but i wasn’t around so i did not get to open it until yesterday.

谢谢燕玲 Yan Ling 的绝佳手工和心意 (:

#2017空前神秘的教师节礼物 #ExtendedTeachersDay2017

what i do at work

friends always ask what do I do at work@SCCL. this card more or less summarised a key activity – engaging CL teachers in deep conversation, and shifting their epistemology, one question at a time. 谢谢素娇 Doris for your kind words, and may your eyes be shining (Zander, 2012) for a long long time to come too (: #2017最有意义的教师节礼物 #throwback #2017TeachersDay #lifeOfaTeacherEducator

do you know …

“do you know … …” or “you do not know …” or “你(知)不知道 … …?”

these are epistemological questions. but such philosophical question often appears in our day-to-day encounter. if i/we use the above question in attempt to tell someone that s/he is in the wrong, and the problem and/or consequence that leads on from there, i/we should first ask ourselves:

“did i/we do anything to enable this person to know (what i assumed s/he should know)? 我们做了什么让他知道了呢?”

often, what we know is limited by the access to (privileged) information. if i have not maintained high level of transparency, nor have frequent open conversations, i cannot expect others to know (what i assumed s/he should know).

in short, the lessons here are:

1. conversation/dialogues (cf. 1-way monologue) are important to attain transparency
2. don’t ask the 1st question if i have not done the 2nd.

encyclopedia photo

paper weights

posted this on fb yesterday:

yes, u’ll most likely agree that the mba, mbp, vaio & micro$oft mouse combi makes good paper weight 😉

today, the pile of papers, ring-binded, was handed up.

and the paper weights lost their job, and returned to their usual boring functions 😛

australia road trip 2016

the last downunder road trip that i have blogged was in 2011. 5 years later, we revisited australia on another road trip, this time round around brisbane and tasmania. a brief recap of the itinerary for future reference:

day 1: spent flying. reached brisbane after 8pm. checked in to an apartment booked via Airbnb at The Peninsula @Surfers’ Paradise. the view was marvellous at 28th floor (:

day 2: sea world. the dolphin show was good as ever, and so was the seal detective show. the rays in the pool appeared to have grown quite a bit; din recall so many mega-rays the last time we were there.

day 3: movie world. many of the rides were closed for maintenance. we spent most time on shows, food, and bumper car (:

day 4: Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. yes we went back to visit the wild lorikeets! a lot came during the late afternoon feeding (:

day 5-6: Farmstay @Byron Bay. this is the first time we had our supply of drinking water from rain, and washing water from some dam in the area 😛

day 7: return to south brisbane; stayed in another airbnb studio apartment unit. 有缘 to meet up and dine with 伊婷.

day 8: took a Virgin Australia flight to Hobart; the legroom is surprisingly spacious for economy seats. collected the Frontier from Britz. this is a mega 6-berth campervan. the internal space is very much larger than the 4-berth we had for our past 3 experiences (including the 2011). the reason we booked this instead of the Explorer was the price difference between the two happened to be quite minimal. destination was Port Arthur holiday park for the evening.

day 9: tasman island cruise’ 3 Hour Wilderness Cruise. we had relatively good weather that morning, but the waves were still huge at times. the ride in the speed boat and the view/scenery was an experience. the same evening, we had a Ghost Tour of the historic site; had an entertaining evening of (good) ghost stories.

day 10: wineglass bay. it was a relatively cloudy day, but when we climbed and reached the wineglass bay lookout, the sun was out, and we had a treat to the nice scenery of the bay. there was a wallaby that found a green apple core and was chewing away while we were at the lookout.

day 11: Launceston bay of fires. very fine white sands, orange granite and the blue waters are what attracted visitors to the long stretch (bay). reached cradle mountain for the evening. the camp kitchen had two fireplaces with wood burning away to generate heat. the fussball in the corner was the highlight (:

day 12: cradle mountain. took the dove lake circuit. this is the first time yh3 and yh4 conquered a 6-km near 3 hours walk. drove to Strahan for the evening. stopped by to climb and witness a massive sand dunes created by wind/nature forces.

day 13: it was a rainy day, otherwise we may have revisited the sand dunes. drove back to Hobart, and stayed at the Airport Tourist Park on a powered site.

day 14: this is the day to return the campervan. but before the 3pm deadline, we ventured onto Mount Wellington. it was an adhoc trip so we realised we were ill-dressed for the 2-degrees temperature and strong wind at the summit. we were out of the campervan for less than 10 minutes and we made our descent without even taking any panoramic shots from the top. it’s just too freezing COLD! returned the campervan, and walked back to the tourist park. we stayed in a cabin for the rest of the day.

day 15: time to fly home. as we had a lot of time on our hand (checkout was at 11am; flight at 3:30pm), we had wanted to pull our luggage and walked slowly to the airport along a 1.6km stretch. but, it was in Australia, and a kind-hearted local who was on his way to fetch his wife and also happened to take a less-taken road offered us a ride. and yes, we took the ride, and the 1-hour walk became a 3-mins drive. the flight from hobart to melbourne was delayed, but luckily it didnt affect us from catching the connecting flight to SG. and at 2355hr, we were back in T3.

that’s all folks (: