happy teachers’ day!

first of september marks teachers’ day in singapore. teachers’ day may not fall on the 1st any more from 2012 onwards cos it was recently announced (ref. ST’s Eisen Teo’s “Teachers’ and Children’s days to fall on Fridays from 2011”) that teachers’ day and children’s day will be celebrated on first fridays of september and october respectively from 2011 onwards.

so this is my 6th teachers’ day without students around me. but thanks to the internet, i still have students around me all the time, via msn msgr and fb. here’s some of the well wishes incoming:

玉莲 scored first: (10:31 AM) (“v”) nOi (“v”): Happi teachers’ day!!!!
燕婷 [ cheryl ] says (5:06 PM): your students are still ard!! lolx.. happy teachers’ day in advance!!! =)
斯惠Sihui says (11:57 PM): HAPPPY TEACHERS DAY!
诗林esthe_R – 我就不相信我會笨到忘不了 says (12:05 AM): is 1st Sept ! Happy teachers’ day !
惠诗Huishi Phua (00:32hr via fb) LAOSHI!! HAHAHA HAPPY TEACHERS’ DAYYYY :D:D:D
淑惠Wang Shuhui Sharon (01:37hr via fb) 教师节快乐!
Next tues i will be flying off to edinburgh for 1 yr so cnt go to ur place if u invite us during cny…kip in touch on fb 🙂
爱玲 (0704hr via sms): Happy Teachers’ Day to you! 🙂
千谦Qian Qian Lee (12:11 via fb) Mr Tan! Happie Teachers’ daYY!!!
倩吟 (1215hr via sms): Happy Teachers’ Day 老师!!!!
淑敏Shumin Luar (13:00 via fb) 教师节快乐!
凯琳ShelleN says (5:07 PM): happy teacher day
雪婷XueTing Teh (17:46 via fb) chen lao shi! happy teacher’s day! ((:
雪云Yvonne Ong (17:54 via fb) Happy teachers day!!!
俐莹Natalie Chan (19:32 via fb) Happy Teachers’ Day Chen Lao Shi !! i suddenly miss chinese lessons and writing chinese

compositions and chinese oral !! o_O ..well at least i’m still playing chinese music haha =p

艳凤alex…wanna burn my stupid shoes says (09:09 AM): happy belated teachers day laoshi!

谢谢大家的祝福!And may i wish all teachers past, present & future “HAPPY TEACHERS’ DAY!” too (:

web design principle – the 3-click rule?

today over lunch, we started a discussion on what constitutes good web design, and someone brought up the “3-click rule“. i guess i’m the mountain tortoise (with failing memory) among the folks cos this rule has never sinked into my mind, nor my surfing pattern (unknowingly) conformed to this rule in anyway. without the time nor resources to verify this research, joshua porter has done some studies 7 years back and revealed:

there wasn’t any more likelihood of a user quitting after three clicks than after 12 clicks. When we compared the successful tasks to the unsuccessful ones, we found no differences in the distributions of tasks lengths. Hardly anybody gave up after three clicks.

does less click means good web design? if 3-click is the limit, 2-click would be nicer, and 1-click would be nicest! is that so? compare Sohu (a popular chinese search engine) and Google, or Baidu for that matter. sohu sure has a lot of DIRECT 1-click links on its home page, does it really lead on to good user experience? i totally agree with what david hamill wrote:

But there’s too much to look at and I can’t see the link I need. By the time I find it, I’ve spent a long time scanning the page. On this site, I have a bad experience, despite being only a single click from what I needed.

baidu is obviously been ‘googlised’, cos it’s design is very UNchinese. trust me, i avoid visiting chinese webpages cos too many of them are sohu-styled, many 1-click direct links, but too cluttered for comfort. i wouldnt be surprised if these webpage designs were guided by the 3-click rule.

what’s good web design principle today? this portal’s layout is a result of my personal belief about good webpage design. yes 不要脸 “don’t want face” i know. but over the years, i think the use of google to turn up webpage(s) of what i would like to find out has somewhat changed my personal expectation of a good website. a powerful search engine that turns out good search results for content within a website is somewhat more useful for impatient surfers like me. if i cannot find what i need on the home page at one glance, i will zoom straight away to the “Search” box and tap away! and if the search does not turn out useful information, it’s time for me to go on to another site, or revert to google and hope that google has crawled and mapped out the site content that i needed.

the 3-click rule, whether it’s true or false, does not hold much meaning personally (:

[credit: williamhook via flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0]

What has cloud computing got to do with CLOUD?

my boss asked me this qn today and i realised i couldnt give a good answer. thanks to google, i arrived at Dennis Stevenson’s posting back in 2009. and being a computing person myself, i can instantly connect to the CLOUD in the network diagrams (:

so in short, CLOUD originate from network designs, and seen specifically in network diagrams. CLOUD is used to represent external unknown network, and the Internet. hence, CLOUD computing is literally Internet computing, which like what Stevenson’s mentioned, for e.g. we’re using google apps which are essentially internet apps, far far away from some unknown network (not that we’ll really care) existing in a corner of the internet network.

learnt another thing today (:

[credit: davedehetre via flickr / CC BY 2.0]