ABC Blook on Blogging

Anne Davis’s 5th grade students from J. H. House Elementary school in Conyers, Georgia, had created this b[l]ook. Browse through the pages, look at the illustrations as well as the words and get a feel of how these primary school pupils are feeling about blogging.
Especially like the ‘V’ entry:

video blogs, voice, viva, venture
nothing ventured, nothing gained!
Hopefully, in the future, our school will have video blogs. Video blogs allow you to show yourself telling the news stories, instead of you just typing them. Until then, we�ll have to voice our opinions as loudly and as clearly as we can while typing. There are also photo blogs and audio blogs. There�s a saying nothing ventured, nothing gained and we believe that. We always try our best. Our group has had a good venture with weblogs and hope we will continue in the future. Until then we say Viva weblogs!