reasons teachers don’t blog

it’s been a long while since i posted anything related to edublog (yes, one of the original purpose of this storeroom), and i saw this link to steve wheeler’s post, and apparently, he had posted “Seven reasons teachers should blog” the day before, and responses were overwhelming (:

some reasons why teachers don’t blog:

  • fear
  • no time, tired after a day in school
  • nothing of interest to share with other teachers
  • access to (common) weblog platforms were blocked (i.e. firewall)
  • don’t see the benefits of (edu)blogging

and why teachers should blog according to prof wheeler:

  • blogging causes one to reflect
  • blogging crystalises one’s thinking
  • blogging links one to a wide audience
  • blogging creates personal momentum (and improve your writing and thinking)
  • blogging gives you valuable feedback (through visitors’ comments)
  • blogging improves your creativity (in expression)
  • blogging improves your grammar (cos you are more careful when you know there’s an audience)

while the above reasons are about why a teacher should blog (him/herself), the benefits can be applied to students too, don’t you think so? (:

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