packing vs thesis writing

收拾装箱和论文写作的共同点就是两者都会到达饱和点,就再也不能继续下去了 :O
packing and thesis writing are the same in that both can reach a point of saturation where you just have to stop :O

shot on Oct 16, 2017

a quick quote related to teachers’ PD

“(contrary to commonly held notions) change in teachers’ attitudes and beliefs is primarily a result, rather than a cause, of change in the learning outcomes of students. In the absence of evidence of positive change in students’ learning, it suggests that significant change in the attitudes and beliefs of teachers is unlikely.” (Guskey, 2002, p.386)

— chanced upon via tandfonline

quote of the day, my

when one needs to consciously remind oneself of a/any state of affairs, something’s not right

(just-for-fun suggested citation: Tan, Y.H. (2013, May 20). quote of the day, my [blog post]. Retrieved from )

quote of the day

actually i’ve gotten this quote not from today, but 3 days ago:

“make an enemy today, we need to deploy our resources today; make an ally today, we make use of their resources today and tomorrow”

words of wisdom (: