students = customers?

if a teacher cannot be always right, it’s not likely that a student with lesser metacognitive knowledge and lower metacognitve awareness be always right. if the customer is always right, then it follows that a student cannot be a customer. therefore, whoever says “students are our customers and we serve them”, does s/he understand what s/he is talking abt?

born to learn, we all are

saw this animation via tucksoon’s fb post. good reminders on how we should shape our classrooms, especially secondary ones, or should i say, primary 3 and above? PLAY is the key.

“it is almost a miracle that modern teaching methods have not yet entirely strangled the holy curiosity of inquiry” — albert einstein

Perapera-kun: Chinese Popup Translator and Learning Tool

in his answer to a query concerning learning of CL at the recent REACH forum, PM Lee mentioned two translation tools that can be useful. one is google translate (which i guess i need not mention), and the other is perapera-kun, which works as a firefox add-on. the translations are based on the open source Chinese-English dictionary, CC-CEDICT. i have downloaded, installed and tried it myself, am impressed by the capability of the ability to recognise word and phrase (字词分辨). there are still room for improvements for some translations but as of what it is now, it definitely minimise the need for one to switch to another dictionary software, or to flip a physical desktop dictionary. of cos, learners might start complaining the ‘confusion’ caused by too many definitions given at one glance, but isn’t this a problem of most dictionaries all along? advancement of technologies will one day help us resolve this issue i believe (:

and in case you’ll like to hear PM’s words:

the P monster

take a look at this (all too familiar?) list:

pedagogical skills
pedagogical strategies
pedagogical content knowledge
pedagogical framework
pedagogical principles
complex pedagogy
basic pedagogy

what’s the similarities and/or difference(s) among them? which is a subset of which? or which is the same as the other?

if i may quote “(i see) STARS” — LK

what do you see? 😛