play DOS game on a windows pc or mac?

if u are/were a game addict since DOS era, chances are you would like to revisit some of these old games. many of these games are now called “abandonware” cos though copyrighted, developers have allowed them to be freely download on the internet; not much monetary returns for hogging the rights perhaps?

to play any DOS game, you will need an emulator. and that has to be DOSBox.

there are 3 ways you could do it:

1. download DOSBox, and do the configurations through the all-too-familiar DOS command prompt

2. download a Windows frontend if u are using a Windoze PC, or

3. download a MacOS frontend if u are using a Mac(Book).

a common question for 2 or 3 is, which frontend is the best? different frontends may have different features, but personally, i have used D-Fend Reloaded for Windoze, and Boxer for MacOS. i like them for their simplicity in terms of interfacing with DOSBox (included in the installer, which not every frontend does), and game installation/configuration.

Bandit King of Ancient China running in Boxer:
2015-12-12 15.05.59-1

and yes, with the frontend, the next step is to google for your favourite games or use the terms DOS abandonware and you could start playing in no time. enjoy 😉

angry bird and Chinese Language

have been playing angry birds since gotten my droid last oct, and am always impressed by the many physics within. chanced upon this post “Using Angry Birds to teach math, history and science“, and i thought why not let’s have a list for “Using Angry Birds to teach Chinese Language”, and here’s some powder and smoke:

– 学生必须玩过angry birds,否则教师可想方设法让学生在课上,或课后玩过angry birds

听说 Listening-Speaking
– 让学生听不同版本的angry birds 音乐、或音效,然后让他们回忆并复述该音乐、音效属于游戏的哪个部分并象征什么意义 (听、说)
– 让学生假扮销售员,当堂兜售angry birds游戏,说服观众为什么一定要玩angry birds (说)
– 可让其他学生复述上述活动中,同学所说的内容,同时锻炼听和说的能力 (听、说)
– 让学生辩论angry birds及其他受欢迎的游戏,例如Mega jump、Fruit Ninja等。
– 若要配合ICT,上述活动可配合audioblog, podcast, 任何录音平台,甚至是VoiceThread、Glogster等进行

读写 Reading-Writing
– 制定阅读有关angry birds的篇章,并配合阅读微技的训练,设计理解问答
– 让学生上网搜寻有关angry birds的文章,例如游戏指南,玩后感等,然后写一篇综合报告,整理并总结所见到的内容
– 让学生写一封电邮或一篇说明文,介绍angry birds游戏及其玩法,或是闯关秘笈walkthrough
– 让学生写一篇记叙文,述说一次和亲友一起玩angry birds相关的经历
– 让学生假设本校将主办一次玩angry birds游戏的比赛,写邀请函邀请参赛,或给赞助商赞助活动
– 若要配合ICT,上述活动可配合blog, wiki, discussion forum, linoit等进行
– 除了独自进行活动,也可让学生分组进行协作学习collaborative learning (CoL)

感觉好像还可以衍生很多其他的活动,改次再写吧 😛

retro video/DOS games

saw this post on smashingmagazine, it’s a stroll down memory lane indeed. those of us who’s still playing games today, you’ll really noticed how far computer games had progressed over the past 20-30years. of the many games that appeared in the post, these are the games that i:

played before on my PC-AT 80286:

  • Prince of Persia
  • Lemmings
  • CD-Man
  • Prehistorik 2
  • SimCity
  • The Secret of Monkey Island
  • Pac-Man
  • Digger
  • Lemmings
  • Loom (special use of sound effects)
  • Soko-Ban
  • Duke Nukem II
  • Golden Axe (still remembered we used to play these 2-players on a keyboard!)
  • Commander Keen
  • Wolfenstein 3D (the first game to FPS, following this is Doom, Quake)
  • Civilization
  • Doom
  • F1
  • Mortal Kombat (dual fighting on a single keyboard)
  • Warcarft (the Dune II-styled game after Dune II)
  • Dune II (games that followed this style included Warcraft, C&C, Red Alert, Total annihilation)
  • Worms
  • Wing Commander (most favourite game, there’s WC, WC2, WC3, WC4 in the whole series)
  • Supaplex
  • Brix

knew its existence:

  • Leisure Suits Larry
  • Karateka
  • Mario Brothers

more than 90% huh? (:

Self-evolving game, anyone?

saw this off /. the “Galatic Arms Race (GAR)“, featuring evolving game content. The spaceship weapon systems, automatically evolves based on player behavior through a specialised version of the NEAT evolutionary algorithm called cgNEAT (content-generating NeuroEvolution of Augmenting Topologies). Check out this video below and take note of the variety of (evolved) weapons (:

how far away can we expect to see an educational game that evolves itself based on our students’ behaviours during gameplay? probably very far *hmm*