migrating to Huawei phone

it’s an anxious business when one needs to change a phone, especially when one has not used that particular brand before. if you are reading this, probably you are also about to, or deciding if you should get a Huawei 华为 phone too? migration to and from samsung phones’ seamless with its dedicated apps. but googling around doesnt reveal if Huawei offers similar solution. only some PAID 3rd party solutions turned up in the searches.

went ahead with the migration (from an ASUS), and was pleasantly surprised (though not totally unexpected) that Huawei prompts us to install its own Phone Clone app from Play Store on the old phone! installed and the syncing was a breeze.

one thing though, am unsure why Contacts are blanked out in the app (which means the app is capable of doing it, but probably blocked by some security settings in the old phone). so had to use my favourite SA Contacts app as an additional step. backup and export to Google Drive from the old phone, followed by import from Google Drive on the new phone.

done. nice (:

which term is the ‘correct’ use?


语言的使用本来就没有对错,是约定俗成的。但语文老师因为教学的特殊关系,经常需要把握对错的问题。对错的问题有时没有办法直接回答,一个方法是看看官方报章怎么用。如何寻找报章用语,可使用 NewspaperSG – Search Term Visualiser:

(screenshot credit: NewspaperSG)


要注意的是,在作搜寻时,记得要加引号quotation marks. 因为 “农历新年” 和 农历新年 的搜寻结果是不同的。以前者为准。

have fun (:

a mysterious package

last friday a parcel arrvied, but i wasn’t around so i did not get to open it until yesterday.

谢谢燕玲 Yan Ling 的绝佳手工和心意 (:

#2017空前神秘的教师节礼物 #ExtendedTeachersDay2017

what i do at work

friends always ask what do I do at work@SCCL. this card more or less summarised a key activity – engaging CL teachers in deep conversation, and shifting their epistemology, one question at a time. 谢谢素娇 Doris for your kind words, and may your eyes be shining (Zander, 2012) for a long long time to come too (: #2017最有意义的教师节礼物 #throwback #2017TeachersDay #lifeOfaTeacherEducator