any percentage is good (:

was reading sti and saw this article relating minister lui’s personal experience.

‘I know my tutors would rather (have me being) able to speak 70 per cent (of the time) in Mandarin and 30 per cent in English… than not to speak Mandarin at all because I’m too shy to do so,’ he said.

yes … even if it’s is 10%, or 5%, or 1% of the time is fine (yes some pple might argue about too low a percentage). the difficulty probably lies in the NEED to converse in the language. fundamentally language exists to facilitate communications. if one language is sufficient for my daily communication needs, finding reason(s) to self-generate the NEED to use another language is often difficult.

Encouraging news (:

this afternoon received an email from 张豫峰师 and i was told our article, 《以元认知为主导信息科技为辅的口语教学模式探索》 (A Metacognitive and Information Technology Integrated Approach to Teaching Speaking in Chinese Language), was selected and republished in the prestigious 中国人民大学书报资料中心《语言文字学》, aka 人大复印资料《语言文字学》。

期刊简介 (source: )


while it felt good for a while, i was asking myself when can i possibly work towards another such publication? it’s nowhere in sight 😐

TLCSL 2009 Conference 华文作为第二语言之教与学

This morning I have presented our paper at the 1st Teaching and Learning of Chinese as a Second Language 2009 Conference, 第一届华文作为第二语言之教与学国际研讨会, 以下是今早会上分享的相关文件:

1. PPT简报

2. 《世界汉语教学》上的拙文 [直接下载点击此]


On improving writing in English

part of my work these days deals with thinking how we can allow students to improve their writing with the help of technologies. and a latest digest from the smashingmag presents “50 Free Resources That Will Improve Your Writing Skills“. the article covers the following area:

  1. Grammar, Punctuation & Co.
  2. Common mistakes and problems
  3. General Writing Skills
  4. Practical Guides To Better Writing Skills
  5. Copywriting Blogs
  6. (Online) Tools
  7. Further Resources

get full details here.

grammar, composition teaching, good piece of writing

how is grammar to be taught with composition writing? is there any relationship between a good piece of writing and it’s grammar, aside from the simple phrase ‘grammatical error free’, which translates into compliance with grammatical rule. what i’m exploring in this essay is beyond the ‘compliance’ issue, how does renowned writers managed grammar in their writings (knowingly or unknowingly) so that it makes a good piece of literary work? did not manage to come out with much conclusions in this round of exploration coz the issue turned up to be too complex for a simple analysis of two pieces of writing to produce any recommendations.
and here’s it, the latest installment for my series of assignments:
keywords: 语法, 作文教学, 三维语法, 句模, 从缺,语义, 语用

My Examinable Assignments Log:
1. 《窥探中外语言教学对学习动机的尝试与研究》
2. 《探寻篇章语法给华文教学的一些启示–从”我们中国人老早就认识’康乃馨’牛奶水”谈起》
3. 《语法与作文教学实践探索–以三维语法为线索》
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