Webslides (beta, patent pending)

webslides allows one to turn bookmarks and feeds into interactive slideshows by converting bookmarks, RSS feeds, blogs to slideshows in minutes. pretty cool tool, have not experienced the creation process myself, but you can also take a look at some of the samples available on the page.
saw that it is “patent-pending”, so does it mean that it’ll not be a FREE tool soon *hmm*

ThinkFree Office Online (Beta)

If you want the ability to edit MS Office documents (word, ppt, xls) or to create PDF files on any computer that is connected to the Internet but without the software installed, try ThinkFree Office Online by signing up for a basic/trial account that offers 30MB of online storage.
As this utilises java applet(s) that need to be downloaded, hence the first time you access it on a computer can take quite some time. Subsequent use should be faster as the applet has been previously cached.