one casual chat …

logged on to net n msn at 12+, chat wif a student. not a typically hardworking student, always late in handing up of work, find chance to ‘skip’ homework if possible, and never fail to be the last one to turn up for class! typical bad student?
nay, for anything that should happen, there must be reason(s) behind. this is especially true where CL as a subject is concerned in our unique education environment. current reality is that many of our students are simply BORED by CL lessons. 2 major reasons behind this:
一个经常是家庭背景,另一个则是因为学生有”选择”。什么意思?这样看吧,有谁能保证除了华文之外,任何其他科目就没有人不喜欢? 😐
很有意思的问题 huh?放眼未来,华文是”可有可无“的,不就有选择lor。试问有谁敢放弃数学?还是放弃英文? *LOL* 现在大环境在改变,希望这样的看法也会有改变啦。学生/孩子们真那么有远见?你我都心里有数?放心,这家中的二老才不会承认呢。
说了那么多废话,back to my student, she said i hav long given up on cl. but we came to a common realisation that that is not entirely true. it’s the past bad experience that is the cause of all these ‘bad’ behaviours. things can be changed from today onwards. 其实,一个讨厌华文的人怎么可能成为假期华文讨论小组的组长?天方夜谭!so am glad that things are really changing 🙂
as the saying goes 有志者事竟成,一定办得到的,加油 loh!all the best to you if you ever get to read 这堆废话!
my lunch’s finally here … *GO GO GO*

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Cluster S7 Performance Coaching Workshop

spent the whole day today in school library in a workshop. the facilitator for the course was dr ng pak tee ?????. touched on the grow me model. looked at it as an extension of the epms system and learnt quite a number of useful tips from there. some takeaways:
‘you have to take up new things and discard old things. schools are the only organisations that takes everything and keeps everything (cf sony)’
‘how do we expect to inspire learners if there are no fresh fish among teachers’
|—> mental model –> …
|—> shared vision –> …
|—> team learning –> …
|—> system thinking –> …
|—> personal mastery –> coaching –> partnership, peer, team, 360 deg’
‘lo is an organisation whose growth is fuelled by learning’
‘learn –> change –> reflect –> learn … …: when one truly learns, you will change becoz of wat u learnt, and upon changing, u reflected on the process and u learn from the reflection process, and you’ll change and … and the cycle continues’
‘learning without practice goes misguided ????’

Phototaking session for HPINIT project

spent close to 2 hrs with 4 students involved in the project for shots to be taken for StraitsTimes Digital Life (every Tue, previously Computer Times).

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Hello World!

Just like any programming book, the first program that you write will usually ‘print’ the above phrase. So, this mt-blog has finally been configured, up and running!
Hello World! And more entries to come! 🙂